Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tier One Snoozer

We are most of the way through the calendar year for the 2013 baseball card releases.  Last week Topps issued it's latest Tier One product.  Like in the past, Tier One is a higher end product with some nice looking on-card autographs.  Like in the past, I went and searched trade pages and secondary sales sites looking for cool autographs from Rays and Cardinals players.  Big yawn.....huge.

There's Matt Adams, Alex Cobb, Chris Archer, Jon Jay, Allen Craig, Wil Myers.....the same seven or eight players who have signed for all the other Topps products this year.  I love Wil Myers and will collect his autographs, same with Allen Craig, Jay, and Archer.  Can I get a different Cardinals player? Why don't we get Trevor Rosenthal or Mujica to sign?  I'd take a James Loney autograph in a Rays uni at this point too.  Seriously.  Variety is the spice of life.  Big Yawn again.

So, pleading with Topps to change their ways is kind of like watching paint dry. It's going to happen, but worrying about when is not productive.  It might be a long time.  Throw on some coffee.

So, I branched out and decided to find an autographed card of someone missing from my collection who would be worth adding.  I searched the Tier One autographs high and low and came up with....

2013 Topps Tier One Jean Segura Autograph 

Caffeine kicking a little bit.  If you did not see the Jean Segura picture on the top of the page, or the link you clicked on to view this post, this card seems a little bit of left field for this blog.  This is about the most exciting card that I could of a player whose autograph I do not already own.  Segura is having a decent season, but there is just so little diversity in who signs for Topps products these days.  Sad.

While I was picking up my Jean Segura autograph I also picked up a favorite player autograph.  Again, this guy has signed for almost every Topps product this year.

2013 Topps Tier One Chris Archer Autograph 

I also understand that Archer is having a great rookie season for a contending team, but again, let's see some new players signing.  I have a few more Tier One autographs en route and will post them next week some time.  The caffeine has kicked in, time to go.


  1. I just had a Tier One auto come via eBay yesterday - Andrew Cashner. He's my favorite pitcher on the Padres, and he's wearing the 1998 Padres throwback jerseys. That might not be enticing to many non-Padre, fans, but I loved it, and for four bucks and #'d to 399, it was a decent deal. The dude can bring the heat, and actually leads the Padres in team batting average (.295, 13 for 44 with a homer, a double, and three RBI).

    Anyways, nice call on Segura, he looks to be a great player.

    1. I have seen that card. Pretty sweet looking with the throwback uni. Cashner has a pretty good graph too. Congrats on the find and I might have to join you by picking up a copy of that card.

  2. Plain and simple, there are just too many high-end products that Topps puts out these days. I did a quick check of Orioles and came up with the usual 2013 autograph suspects: Adam Jones, Cal Ripken, Manny Machado, and Dylan Bundy. How about JJ Hardy, Chris Tillman, or Chris Davis?

    1. Completely agree Ryan. Every team has a similar autograph checklist and it's not like there are not other options for Topps. Hardy and Davis would be really cool ones to get.