Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Feel Dirty Owning This Card.

We are down to the last day of the regular season and I am really close to conquering the 2013 Cardinals roster in certified autographs.  Molina, Beltran, Wainwright, Matt Holliday, etc, etc, etc.  I have them all.  There are a few players with no certified autographs such as Tony Cruz, Randy Choate, Kevin Seigrist, and Trevor Rosenthal.  So, I am down to two missing autographs which belong to backup outfielder Shane Robinson and seldom used pitcher Sam Freeman.  

Robinson has several autographs in the 2005 Upper Deck USA Baseball set including one with teammate Jon Jay.  I am still working on tracking down a copy, but if I cannot find one there are single signed cards of the fourth outfielder.  That leaves Sam Freeman.  Well...

Sam Freeman autographs are pretty easy to find and they are really cheap.  I just lack a little bit of enthusiasm in adding this card to my collection.  The Freeman autograph comes from the 2008 Donruss Elite college set, which I have stated is a personal favorite, except for Sam Freeman.  Let's take a look at everything that is wrong with this card...

2009 Donruss Elite Sam Freeman Autograph 

This card goes downhill from the top with the appearance of the Jayhawk on Sam's hat and the word Kansas written across his chest.  Of course, there is the Big XII (UT-Austin Conference) Conference patch on the side of Freeman's jersey.  Luckily, this card cost me a whole dollar which is the price I would expect to pay for a Kansas baseball card.  

An intersting quirk to this card is the fact that Sam Freeman played four years of college baseball, but only played one year at KU.  He started out at a community college in Texas and then went to KU.  Freeman was drafted by the Cardinals, did not sign, and played his senior year at Marshall.  The Cardinals drafted Freeman again.  So, that means that the year this card was made Freeman was actually a member of the Thundering Herd.  Why is he a Jayhawk on his baseball card?  I can handle a Marshall card and would have picked up a Freeman autograph sooner if he was pictured in their uni.  

Yes, as an NC State alum I am not a huge fan of the Tar Heels either, but I do respect the job that Mike Fox does with their baseball team.  UNC is also a really good school.  Kansas?  I don't think so.  As a long time resident of Missouri there is nothing more annoying than Kansas.  And their baseball team?  You like Tom Gorzelanny?  Steve Jeltz?  Hardly anyone does.  Somewhat happy to fill a whole in my collection and a little disappointed that it has come down to adding a Jayhawks card.  

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  1. Nothing to do with his college affiliation but since you asked, I like Tom Gorzelanny. I even have a certified auto (2008 Goudey).