Thursday, November 24, 2016

Double Helping of Piscotty

Thanksgiving has been good this year.  My in-laws were in town from northern Michigan and my wife and her sisters made a really good dinner.  I got the day off of work and had some really good time with my kids today.

I couldn't fit the cranberries on my plate and passed on the sweet potatoes.  Pretty sure I am one of the few people who lives in North Carolina who is not crazy about sweet potatoes.  

I had a good time today sorting out a few cards and sets that were lingering around my baseball card room and I also had the chance to sit down and scan a few cards.  Tonight I am going to share a pair of picked up a few weeks ago that were in my stack of cards that I sorted out today.  

Piscotty is one of my favorite current Cardinals.  First card.  

Love the Strata cards.  The cool thing about these is the authentication sticker that can be traced to a specific game.  Some of the jersey swatches are tied to some eventful games, others not so much.  Last month I picked up a Strata card of Astros card Dallas Keuchel who did not even play in the game tied to his jersey swatch.  

The Piscotty swatch?

The Cardinals won the game 10-2 against the Reds and Piscotty even played in the game.  He was hitless, but did walk and scored a run on a double by Mark Reynolds.  Not the best stat line by any means, but given the game that was connected to the Keuchel swatch, I am happy just knowing that Piscotty was actually in the game.


I have always really enjoyed the Bowman Inception cards and this year's were no different.  On-card sigs, nice design, etc.  Very cool.  Piscotty has actually been in previous Inception sets, but this might be my favorite autographed card of his over the past few years.  I like the card dark background with the faded area for the autograph.

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