Sunday, November 29, 2015


I had the opportunity to do a little bit of volunteer work over the Thanksgiving holiday by helping out an older friend from my days in Durham.  The friend helps out around a community thrift store that donates its profits to charity.  The shop had a big lot of sports cards, programs and score cards, and memorabilia that was donated and they needed a little help making heads and tails out of what they had in their store.  

They had a few cool things that will help out the Thrift Store after they auction off the items, but they also had a few things that were inexpensive and cool for me as a baseball card collector.  I ended up with a few junk wax era boxes.  I will do a post on a few of them over the next few weeks, but for this week's #MyCardMonday I wanted to share out one cool card that I pulled out of a 1993 Flair box I bought from the store.

Here's my new card......

I was excited to pull this out of my box of cards.  Edmonds has several rookie cards in 1993 products, but I always really liked this card.  Way back in 1993 I did not open any packs, or boxes, of this product.  Years later I ran into one somewhere because I have a ton of these cards floating around in my boxes.  I also have a single copy of this Edmonds, but I bought that from a card shop in St. Louis after he was traded to the Cardinals.

I have never had the joy of pulling a cool Jim Edmonds rookie and being excited about the card.  Yes, back in 1993 I pulled a few Edmonds rookie cards, but he was just some guy on the Angels.  Very nice card and I am happy to give it a good home.

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