Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kindergartner Takes On Allen & Ginter

I will have some serious posts about Allen & Ginter over the next few days, but while you are waiting to see what I landed out of my box, I took a little bit of time to bust some wax with my five year old this afternoon.  We got out of the house for a little while this morning, took a walk, went out for lunch, and stopped to pick up a blaster of the recent Topps release.  Since they do not write blog posts in Kindergarten I am going to go ahead and type up his hits and thoughts on the cards.

He actually helped me out with my box this morning too, so he had a pretty good idea what the cards were going to look like before he opened up the box.  We categorized the cards into three groups: Little Cards, Baseball Player Cards, and Cards of Others Things.  Like Statues.  Here's a little peak at the sorting system......

Mini cards are at the top, baseball cards in the forefront, and the cards of other things are in the background.  Clearly the favorite card of the box was The Statue of Liberty card.  I am not sure why, but my son really loved that card.  I am pretty sure we will have a crease and some round corners by the end of the afternoon.....

Beyond the cool Statue of Liberty card we also pulled an autograph of Padres outfielder Cory Spangenberg.  While it's not the best autograph, it's hard to be disappointed with any "hit" cards that come out of a box of retail cards.  

Overall, Allen & Ginter was a pretty big hit with my five year old.  We liked looking at the baseball cards, but the non-baseball cards were a nice touch in this product and were something different to look at and sort.  Outside of the obviously popular Statue of Liberty card, my son also liked the Mantis card out of the A World Beneath Our Feet set, it's a mini too, and his favorite baseball card looks like a James McCann.

Most importantly, at the end of all the packs and all of the cards we were really happy with all of our cards.  We are going to work on boxing them up at some point this afternoon.  Should be fun to see how the sorting finally works out.


  1. Do I see a vintage White Sox logo on that boy's t-shirt?????? I think I will have to send him some cards for just being such a cool dude.

    1. It is a 1980s era White Sox shirt. He loves the shirt, but my in-laws are all Tigers fans. Not sure he has made the connection yet.

  2. That's awesome! Got to teach them while they are young!