Sunday, July 19, 2015

Minor League Set Week: 2015 Eastern League Top Prospects

This is a hard set to really break down the way I had been with the other minor league sets I have scanned and posted this week.  I also think of Double A as being sort of a cut off point between players who will reach the Majors and players who will not.  Meaning, most of the players who make it to Triple A have a really good shot at making it to the Majors in some capacity.  Some might be good players, some might be solid, and others might only end up being a utility player or someone who gets one cup of coffee.

I think that many of the players in this set will be in the Majors at some point, but it's just a matter of when and what their role will be when they get there.  For example, in my last post I talked about Kyle Crick, Giants prospect, who has spent his minor league career starting, but projects as a shut down relief pitcher by many.  Lots of high draft picks and prospects here, I am eager to revisit this set in a few years to see where everyone is.

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