Monday, December 29, 2014

Snorting Bull Awards: Best Card of the Year

Best Card of the Year

I did not give out an award for the Best Card of the Year prior to this year.  If I can give out a bull statute for really awful baseball cards, then I can also give one out for really good baseball cards.  In fact, I gave out two really bad baseball card awards this year, so I picked an extra pricey and expensive card as my first annual Best Card of the Year.

I actually do not own this card and if I did own this card I would sell it and not even think twice.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Bryant is a Cub and I am a Cardinals fan.  Every couple of years there is a prospect that comes along that sends the baseball card hobby into a frenzy.  Recently we have had crazy summers with Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper.  Collectors spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars chasing down cool rookie cards of those players.  I am pretty sure that most of those Harper and Strasburg cards have lost a chunk of their value, but those initial prices and hype are a high bar to live up to in the long run.  Not to say that Strasburg, Harper, or Bryant won't be good players in the future, but what players rookie cards sell for hundreds of dollars?  Think of a few.  That's probably a high bar for three players under 25.  

Copies of this 2013 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant autograph, which was issued in the 2014 Bowman Chrome set, have sold anywhere between $150 dollars to more than $200.  Bidding on Ebay auctions could be described as highly competitive.  Basically if you want a copy of this card you need to either sit at the computer and bid at the last moment or being will to overpay to pick up a copy via Buy It Now.  One of my original criteria for card of the year had originally been attainability, but I am going to still pick this card as my Card of the Year.   

It's always good for the hobby to have new players to chase even if they have a hard time holding their value over time.  The 2013 Bowman Chrome Bryant autographed card is likely going to be an iconic card whether Bryant goes on to great things or not.  I remember when Upper Deck put out a Mark Prior autograph in their Prospect Premieres set in 2001.  Every card collector wanted that autograph.  Prior did not work out as a Major League pitcher, but that card is still a great card and a must have for many collectors.  


  1. I don't really sell my cards, but I agree with you that if I ever pull that one it would be gone.

  2. Great looking card. But yeah, I'm not going to shell out for it.