Thursday, November 20, 2014

NC State Basketball Game 4- Jacksonville

Jacksonville is really really bad and that's all I can really say about this game.  How does a team only score 12 points in 20 minutes of basketball with a shot clock?  Shoot 13% from the field for the half.  Center BeeJay Anya had four blocks in one Jacksonville possession, and a school record 10 in the game, which contributed greatly to the poor shooting by the Dolphins.  I understand that every team plays a few cupcakes at the beginning of the year, but this seemed like the easiest cupcake of them all so far for the Wolfpack.  I might even have to throw the exhibition against Queens into the discussion.

Positives- The first half defense looked terrific.  Blocked shots, rebounds.  It was all there.  The second half felt like a slight let down, but the team still cruised to an easy win.  For the first time this year the team was also not carried exclusively by the guards.  Turner, Lacey, and Barber were all pretty cold from the field and the team still won by a handy amount.

Negatives- Guards were all pretty cold with the exception of Caleb Martin.

Player of the Game- BeeJay Anya just missed a triple double with his 7 points, 8 rebounds, and 10 blocks.  Kind of a unique stat line there, so I am going to give it to the sophomore center.  

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