Friday, April 4, 2014

Awesome Lo Brown Autograph

I have found myself dabbling a little bit in basketball autographs the past few months and managed to add another favorite player from my alma mater NC State.  I never start out looking for basketball cards, but somehow manage to run into them here and there.  I was actually looking for a few Topps Museum cards last week when I stumbled upon a great looking card of former NC State point guard Lorenzo Brown.  The card was far too pretty to pass on....

I miss having Upper Deck make baseball cards and this card took me back.  This card has a fabulous design and is very well made.  Thick card stock, cool transparent section with the logo and player picture, and I love the the black background with the silver signature.  Just a really well made and designed card.  I know that Topps just signed an extension on their exclusive license with MLB, but we can all dream a little bit right? 

Lorenzo Brown (or Zo or Lo Brown) played for three years at NC State holding down the point guard responsibilities.  He was a very good college point guard, but has had some trouble settling down in the NBA.  He was a first round pick of the Timberwolves, but was traded to the 76ers.  He has spent the year shuffling in between the Sixers bench and the D-League.  Hopefully he will get some playing time down the stretch for the worst team in the NBA.  Favorite performance in college was his eleven assist game against the UNC-Cheaters last year.

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