Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Topps Jumbo Box Break Inserts- Part 1

I am breaking down my 2014 Topps Jumbo Box Break into a couple posts.  So much to talk about within one box of ten giant 50 card packs.  My first post will focus on the inserts, second on my hit cards, and the final post will be on the base set and parallels.  Before I begin showing off my cards a big thank you to Jimmy at Big D's for getting me the jumbo box of Topps cards.  Walking into a local card shop and buying a box of cards was awesome. 

Let's look at the inserts that came in my Jumbo Box:

50 Years Of The Draft: (10 Card Set)

I really like these cards.  The Griffey card was in one of my first packs and really caught my eye.  Topps seems to have a heavy rookie theme this year and have included this draft set as part of theme.  I like that the photograph in the pictures fits the early part of the players career.  Bench wearing an odd number instead of his retired 5, Griffey looking like he's fresh out of high school, and Price....looks the same, but he's got a World Series patch on his sleeve.  That puts the picture early in his career.  Cool insert and fits great with some of the themes running through the Topps set.  I am still missing seven cards including a Rays card of Raleigh native Josh Hamilton.

1989 Topps Mini Die-Cut: 50 Card Set

I spent a little bit of time talking about these in my first glance yesterday.  Really cool cards, but after five rack packs and one jumbo box I stand at 6 of the 50 cards in the set.  I am likely going to be piecing this set together for the next few weeks.  I was really happy to get the Puig out of the way, but will be posting more of these soon.  In fact I went ahead and picked up the Wainwright, Lee Smith, and Ozzie Smith cards this afternoon to fill in my Cardinals portion of this set.

Upper Class (50 Card Set)

Sticking with the rookie theme that runs throughout the 2014 Topps set, the Upper Class set highlights players in their rookie class year.  Hence the card with Hanley Ramirez on the Marlins and Matt Holliday on the Rockies.  This is a larger insert set, but seems like the cards are pretty easy to chase down on Ebay.  In fact, if I just wanted to buy the whole insert set it would not be too expensive.  That also would not be very much fun.  This card set will probably be on the back burner, but I will still put the set together at some point.  Similar to the Draft set I like that Topps is using time period appropriate photography.  Well played.

The Future Is Now (30 Cards)

Again rookie theme.  These cards remind me a bit of the old Topps Gallery cards which came out in the late 90s.  I think that the cards actually have real photographs, but Topps did something cool with them.  Not sure.  This set is also pretty easy to put together and at some point I will fill this one in, but in the mean time...minis. 

Topps All Rookie Cup Team (10 Cards)
This set I am going to put together pretty quickly, but I would also like to pick up a few of the manufactured patch cards that Topps has dovetailed with this insert set.  There is also an autograph and relic version of these cards.  Worth checking out.  I have managed to land a Cardinals manu last night and will post in a few days.  
Before They Were Great  (10 Cards)
Rookies.  Again.  Cool photography, but the card stock that Topps used for this set is pretty awesome.  The cards are a very thick stock and have a good deal of laminate.  Basically, it's a cool set with great card stock.  Worth picking up, but probably not a priority. 

Last one for now, and I was surprised to find these...

Buybacks.  Always nice to get some old Topps cards in a box of cards.  Why are they in this years Topps cards?  I am not sure, but old cards are always fun to run across. 

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