Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Snorting Bull's Chrome Weekend Part 2

One of my favorite parts of the 2013 Topps Chrome set are the die cut insert sets.  I know that Topps had one die cut insert set in last year's Chrome release, and also featured die-cuts in Bowman Platinum and the Golden Moments Giveaway, but I like this year's die cuts better than the others.  The die cuts in this year's remind me a lot of some of the cool inserts from the 90s.

The Chrome set has two die-cut insert sets.  I have put together a complete set of Cardinals Die-Cuts for both of them.  Let's have a look.

These cards look like castles or something.  This set is the Close Connection set and features a card of Matt Holliday and David Freese.  I am not sure why Freese is till getting insert cards, but oh well.  I like all the nooks and crannies in this insert set.  It kind of reminds me of something that Pacific would have put out back in the day.  Not one of those Christmas ornament cards, but they had a lot of cool cuts.  This could have easily been in one of their sets.  

Last insert set is the Dynamic Skill set.  You remember when Upper Deck issued the Vintage sets in the early 2000s that were really copy of Topps sets?  Do you remember how upset Topps was about the cards?  Well, it seems the worm has turned.  Maybe.  They're close.

Anyway, I like the rounded edges on the die-cut.  Not many round baseball card floating around, so a partially round card is probably equally as rare.  

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