Sunday, September 15, 2013

1999 Upper Deck Ray Lankford Exclusives

1999 Upper Deck Ray Lankford Exclusives 

Picked up a cool card of 90s Cardinals star Ray Lankford this past week.  This card comes from one of the really cool parallel sets from the late 90s that is extremely popular with collectors.  While parallels have lost some of their luster in recent years with all of the printing plates and "rainbow" parallels the last 90s parallels were very limited and highly collectable.  The Exclusives parallel set was the exclusive parallel set for the late 90s and early 2000s Upper Deck sets.  There was not an orange, red, yellow, blue, and purple versions with different numbers of each which really amounted to a whole bunch of cards.

The Exclusives cards were just simply colored differently from the regular base set.  In the case of the 1999 set, the base cards had silver borders, while the Exclusives set featured a copper colored border.  There was also a second set of Exclusives cards that were numbered to just 10.  The copper set was limited to just 100 copies of each card and can be both difficult to find and expensive to purchase.  My Ray Lankford card cost around $5, but have seen copies of star players cross $20.  Commons can be found as cheap as $1 and a definite fun set of cards to pursue and chase down.  

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