Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Bowman Inception Jose Fernandez Autograph

I check out the Marlins every once in awhile to peek in on some at-bats by longtime Durham Bull Justin Ruggiano, Mike Stanton, and former Cardinal Placido Polanco.  While the Polanco at-bats have been painful to watch this year, I have actually enjoyed having a chance to watch the young fish play.  The results really do not show up in the standings, but there is a lot of good young talent out on the field in south Florida.  While most people are familiar with Mike Stanton, there are a few other names that are starting to pop up a little more frequently.

My favorite young Marlins player at the moment is probably Marcell Ozuna.  I have already picked up a card of his a few weeks ago.  A close second is right-handed rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez.  Many have talked about the star pitcher possibly being in the mix for the National League Rookie of the Year Award.  Currently, Fernandez sits with just a 5-5 record, but has an ERA under 3, a WHIP right around 1, and is averaging just about a strikeout per inning.  If I had a vote for Rookie of the Year I'd still probably go with Shelby Miller, but Fernandez is still definitely in the running.

I recently decided to look into the Fernandez card market to see if I could land myself a nice autograph. I was actually surprised to learn that he already has several nice autographs out, several on-cards, and that most can be had for $20 or less.  Given the fact that Fernandez has some notoriety, I was thinking that I would be out a little bit more.  So, for around $15 delivered I was able to land a pretty sweet autograph....

2013 Bowman Inception Jose Fernandez Autograph 

While it's not a rookie card, this Fernandez autograph is on-card and comes from a really nice set.  I've already added several Inception cards, but really like this one since it does not have the sticker autograph.  I acutally eyed several Fernandez rookie cards, before deciding to target this card, but was surprised to find that his 2011 Bowman rookie autographs actually do not run much more than this Inception autograph.  Of course, since it the colored parallels can get expensive, but I will keep a look out for one to add to my collection in the near future.

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