Monday, April 1, 2013

2003 Fleer EX Essential Credentials Future Larry Walker

It's opening day, so I am trying to spend most of my day watching baseball.  With that goal in mind today's post will be a little bit shorter than normal.  I picked up a new Larry Walker card a few weeks back and haven't had a chance to post yet on this space.  It would fall into the category of Ebay purchases made for less than $5 which is surprising given that the card comes from a really good chase set and features a pretty good player.

2003 Fleer EX Essential Credentials Future Larry Walker

I have featured a few other Essential Credential cards over the past year in this space and highly recommend collectors taking a look at the EX sets to see if their favorite player or favorite teams have players in these sets.  The Essential Credential cards are actually a dual parallel set, there is a Futures and a Now parallel, with one usually being a high number and one being a lower number.  With this Walker, who played his final two seasons with the Cardinals, I would assume that this card is the higher print run of the two Essential Credential cards in this set.  

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