Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Edgar Renteria Base

My least favorite type of relic card is the game used base.  Bases are communal property in the sport of baseball and it always seemed silly to open packs of cards and find a card with a piece of base attached to a specific player.  Did the player even touch that base?  Who else touched it too?  All of those questions go through my mind when I stumble across one.  Most of the time they migrate towards the back of my closet or a box and I pray they go away.  You can't sell them on Ebay and have it be worth your time for $0.99 the card will bring.  Further, people rarely want to trade for them.  Recently, I actually picked up two base cards I was excited to own.  First, one today and the second later this week.

2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Edgar Renteria Base Card

Seventy-Five Cents is a great price for this card.  It is after all a base card.  Being a shortstop I understand there is a greater chance that Edgar Renteria may have had involvement with this base, but I am not for sure.  I have actually really enjoyed collecting the All Star Appeal cards from the 2004 Clubhouse Collection release.  Year after year Topps blesses us with tons of All-Star relics.  Year after year the relics get a little bit old after a week or two on the market.  I usually pick up a few Cardinals, Rays, and other players I like and call it good.  I pick up these cards in hopes of filling out my set.

Don't get me wrong, the base cards in this set are indeed really lame.  However, the autographs in the set are cool, and for the little money it take to buy a base card, worth finding to complete my collection. I will share two autographs with you quickly.  They are a little bit unique because of the relic piece which comes from the on deck circle from the All-Star game at Comiskey Park in 2004.  

2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Garrett Anderson On Deck Circle/Autograph

Aside from the sticker autograph this is a really cool card and a unique relic.  An On-Deck Circle is communal just like a base, but I know that at some point Garrett Anderson at least stepped on the on deck circle.  Even if he didn't stand on it.  Maybe.  Topps also did a good job with including a lot of different players in the set.  Including ones they normally don't put in sets.  My favorite card from the set is Jorge Posada.  It is one of the few, Topps sets that Posada signed for, and a good find for any autograph collector.  

2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Jorge Posada Autograph

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