Monday, June 25, 2012

2003 Upper Deck Vintage Fernando Tatis Bat Card

I wouldn't say that I collect Fernando Tatis cards, but he provided one of the great baseball highlights of my life.  Some people, mainly Dodgers fans, may want to cringe and find something else to read at this moment.  On April 23, 1999 I was in Cape Girardeau, Missouri visiting some friends at college.  I was in the middle of my student teaching and was spending part of my time that spring living in my parents house in suburban St. Louis driving around teaching at a few different places.  I needed a weekend off, so I backed up my car and headed two hours south for some relaxation.

I was having a couple of products from south St. Louis, hanging out, and keeping an eye on the game.  When I witnessed a truly historic event which will likely never happen again.

Needless to say no other player has accomplished the feat of hitting two grand slams in an inning.  Fernando continued his highlight season for the Cardinals, fizzled, and was traded to the Expos.  He was out of the game a few years later and made a nice comeback for a season or two with the Mets.

Tatis has really inexpensive cards and a truly unique signature if you are in the market for an good autograph.  So, recently I spotted this card for under a dollar and had to have it for my collection.

2003 Upper Deck Vintage Fernando Tatis Bat Card 

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