Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Topps Museum Collection Jeremy Hellickson

Just added another Topps Musuem collection card this week of Ray's pitcher Jeremy Hellickson.  I have a few other cards from this set which I have picked up this spring.  At first glance this card seems like the typical quad jersey card from the set with a single patch piece in the top corner.  However, the patch really caught my eye when I was first offered this card in a trade.

2011 Topps Museum Collection Jeremy Hellickson Quad Jersey

The patch piece on this card is actually red instead a color that would normally be associated with the Rays.  Which led me to look up variations on the Rays uniforms since Hellickson's debut with the Rays.  Hellickson first appeared with the Rays at the end of the 2010 season, but the team did not wear any throwback jerseys during the time that Hellickson was with the team that season.  During the 2011 season the Rays did have a throwback jersey game where they wore red jerseys.  In fact, the jerseys were a bit controversial because they initially featured a cigar.  I thought it was pretty cool to actually be able to track the jersey/patch pieces back to a specific game on a card and I will definitely enjoy adding this Hellickson card to my collection.   

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