Saturday, March 17, 2012

Triple Threads Autographs Part I

I usually post once a day, but today I am posting twice due to scheduling conflicts tomorrow.

I had someone PM me about my blog a few days ago on Facebook talking about the high number of Triple Threads cards that I have been displaying asking if I am focusing on them for my collection.  I really like the Triple Threads cards and since it has become a fairly long running set for Topps.  They have issued a set every since 2006 and greatly improved the quality of the product over time.  Although I am saddened that there are still stickered autographs in the set.  The concept of combining jersey pieces, or bat pieces, in concert with an autograph has been around for at least a decade, but the Triple Threads cards have a unique design and feature cool phrases that fit the player, patch pieces, and other cool ways to display a player's relic pieces along with a signature.  Tonight I am posting one half (18) of my Triple Threads autographed cards.  The rest will be displayed in the next few days and in a week or two I will post the relics cards too.  My favorite out of this lot is:

2007 Triple Threads Shawn Riggans Autograph Patch.  This was my first Triple Threads autograph.  I bought it off of Ebay back in 2007 since I enjoyed watching Riggans play for the Durham Bulls.  

Before you see the rest in no particular order: Go Pack! Go To Hell Carolina!

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