Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Topps Heritage Set

I am spending my weekend putting together the final touches on my second set of the year.  I usually put together a couple of sets each year, the base Topps set is a definite, and for the past twelve years I have always worked on a Topps Heritage set too.  In 2001, the very first box of Heritage I opened might have been my best box ever.  I pulled a Classic Renditions Barry Bonds autograph and a Nomar Garciaparra autograph (photographic proof on another day).  Sold both of them later that week for $1200.  The first thing I love about the Heritage cards is the design.  The older Topps cards always had great designs and it's great to see them again.  I wonder what will happen in thirty years when Topps gets to the early nineties designs?  Anyway, this years base cards are based on the 1963 Topps base set.

2012 Topps Heritage Matt Holliday #190

Like other Topps Heritage sets, this years set also has several subsets which are borrowed from the original 1963 set.  My favorite from this years set is the World Series Highlights which celebrate the Cardinals-Rangers series from last fall.  The sample below might be the best card in the set.  

2012 Topps Heritage Cardinals World Series Card #148

The base set also features 75 short prints and variations which start with card #425 and run through #500.  I try not to fuss over the variations, but I do slowly pick up the short prints.  The card below features North Carolina native and (sigh) a former Tar Heel.  

2012 Topps Heritage Kyle Seager 

One of the biggest complaints with this set year after year is the inserts.  Most of the inserts do not change and they aren't very hard to chase.  Sure there are autographs and jersey cards, but most years they are one per box and not a slam dunk on quality.  Other inserts like the Now & Then insert, featured in every Topps Heritage set since 2001, can be found inexpensively.  This year's set features Stickers and Flashbacks which can also be easily assembled.  

2012 Topps Heritage Stickers Albert Pujols

2012 Topps Heritage Now & Then Miguel Cabrera and Carl Yastrzemski 

2012 Tops Heritage Flashbacks Alcatraz


  1. If there are any cards you still need, let me know, I have piles of Heritage here on my desk. I have extra stickers too. Those are on my trade page.

    1. I only need short prints? Do you have any cards over number 425?

  2. I do have a couple of extras: Derrek Lee(477)Ben Revere(470) Jason Bourgeois(499) Delin Betances(457)

    1. I might have to take you up on a few of those.